Family Participation in our school is welcomed and encouraged. Our open door policy invites you to visit anytime as you wish. All families are invited to join us for our monthly field trips, soup nights, sing a longs, summer concerts and art fairs.

Each month you will receive an informational newsletter, a monthly calendar, our nutritious meals and snacks menu, and a book list, so that you can reinforce at home, the learning in our school. Each day you will receive a daily sheet to inform you about your child's day. We invite you to call often to check on your child's expereince and progress.

We provide you with a steady flow of information about our news and events and other relevant updates. You can follow us on Facebook and meet with us in person. Our progress report night is conducted three times a year, and we are available at other times for your convenience.

We are always open to your suggestions and ideas as continuous improvement is our goal and priority.

`What Parents Say

"Our family is new to the area, but now that I have discussed enrolling my child at the Child Development Center, I feel that we just joined a wonderful extended family. Everyone was so accommodating that I feel I have known the teachers for years."

"The classrooms are beautiful and I have looked at the curriculum. It is great and I know my son will learn so much. What a special find this school is."

"The Outdoor Play Yard is brand new and it looks inviting and safe! I know my child will love it here."