Our Educational Program ensures the highest quality education and child care experience for young children. Our Curriculum emphasizes Best Practice and all accepted developmentally appropriate standards for Infants, Toddlers and preschool children. Child Development Center is committed to provide a safe, healthy and nurturing learning environment.

The Curriculum and Educational program supports active learning and promotes children's progress in all areas of development. Curriculum is planned using a tool known as Creative Curriculum. Educators develop curriculum to create and balance teacher planned and child initiated learning.

Curriculum will foster positive development in the core competency areas of Math, Science, Early literacy, fine and gross motor skills, Science, Social Studies, Creative arts and crafts, multi-cultural experiences, health, safety, and computer learning.

Creative Curriculum includes a component that effectively addresses child assessment. Children are assessed three times a school year and results are shared at our Family Conference's scheduled for December, March and June.

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Child Development Center is the perfect place for your baby who will receive individual attention by our caring and confident staff. Our program for infants seamlessly integrates loving and nurturing relationships with an intentional curriculum to help babies grow and thrive. Our infant room is fully outfitted with educational toys and materials to help children learn by using their senses, physical movements and social interactions. We customize a plan for each baby based on their unique circumstances, such as schedules, feedings, development and any other special requirement.

We will invite your baby to explore a world full of stimulating activities: sounds, textures, movement, and visual cues. We will foster security and trust, safety and happiness. Music, reading, soft spaces, conversation, finger plays, and, of course, holding and hugging.


Yes we can keep up with them! As babies grow up, our curriculum grows with them. For children ages 16 months to 3 years, we develop age-appropriate activities and learning games so your children will gain experience and understanding of their great new world! Our curriculum focuses on promoting each child's physical, social and cognitive development. We engage each child in the classroom and outdoor environment, encouraging skill building, problem solving, social development, and independence. Our multiple education centers focus on literacy, STEM, sensory exploration, fine and gross motor skill development, and, most importantly, building confidence in preparation for preschool and beyond.


Preschool children are scientists, musicians, artists, actors, engineers, authors and architects. They investigate, question, build and experiment. They bring enthusiasm to each and every activity. This is a time of great growth and opportunity for preschoolers to explore their exciting world and learn new concepts and ideas. Our experienced educators guide our preschool children using our custom designed curriculum in partnership with Creative Curriculum to support children and their developing sense of self. Our teachers follow each individual child's achievements, encouraging growth and development in all areas: socially, academically, physically and emotionally.

Our emergent curriculum follows best practices in giving children a wide array of projects and activities in a variety of settings: small and large groups, one on one, and independently. We mix both teacher directed and child inspired curriculum, with a focus on math, science, literacy, language, technology, art, music and dramatic play. Our goal is to inspire children's creativity, reasoning, social development, and communication skills.

Our classrooms are full of learning materials that preschoolers can interact with, hands on, using their senses to learn and develop. Our Preschool program prioritizes getting your child excited to be ready for kindergarten, and our connections with the elementary schools in our area will also support you when this important transition arrives.